How to Renovate Your Sunroom

The ideal sunroom is one in which practicality and aesthetics are harmoniously combined. The sunroom has an intimate atmosphere, this sunroom reflects the personality of the owners more than others. When planning a renovation, it is better to abandon excessive pretentiousness and extravagance. The ceiling, walls and floor in the sunroom should not create a pressure environment.

The peculiarity of the renovation and the sunroom environment in the ideal balance, in which each item of the interior would be significant in itself, but is not an aggressive center of pressure. In such a sunroom a good rest, strong, healthy sleep is guaranteed.

Do not think that the simplicity of decoration will cheapen the general view of the sunroom. Modern construction and finishing materials are able to work wonders, create real design masterpieces. At the same time, you do not have to choose the expensive ones. Leading manufacturers, along with expensive products today offer materials for renovation and decoration of the sunroom at affordable prices.

You can renovate your sunroom with your own hands, make your own ideas come true or look at some ideas in thematic magazines, online resources. Detailed instructions will help even beginners to clean up the apartment.

The main thing in the renovation of the sunroom is proper zoning, lighting, the most environmentally friendly materials for ceilings, walls, and floor laying. Compose a project of sunroom design, create a sunroom of maximum comfort.

How To Start: Renovate the Sunroom On the Steps

Perhaps in your old sunroom environment, everything was fine already. In this case, the renovation (unless it is a major) will refresh the sunroom. You can glue the wallpaper, clean up the ceiling with your own hands. Even the floor during a cosmetic renovation is sometimes left unchanged if the previous coating has not lost its freshness, attractiveness (if necessary, to lay linoleum, carpet or laminate itself is also easy).

If you plan a major overhaul with redevelopment, replacement of wiring, heating equipment, renovation and alignment of the floor, changing the shape of the door apertures, you will probably need specialist advice (or you decide to entrust the whole front of the work to builders).

In any case, you will have to control the progress of work. The first thing to do is to make a design project, the basis of your renovations. Be sure to mark your vision of the sunroom after the renovation. There are special computer programs for this, but a lot of benefits will be even from a plan drawn up on plain paper.

  • The first step is to create a budget, queuing up for a list of necessary construction and finishing materials. Here, too, you can rely on your own experience and strength or discuss it with experts – builders, designers. The main emphasis should be on the ratio of sufficiently high quality – a reasonable, affordable price in the city of Indianapolis or other cities.
  • Before starting renovation work, free the sunroom from all furniture, remove switches, sockets, remove the chandelier. If you are not going to change the windows and doors, cover them with a cloth or film to prevent damage, scratches.
  • The most difficult stage is the redevelopment of the sunroom, replacement of constructions or their separate elements. Renovations in the sunroom will begin with this point if you think to change anything in the redevelopment (demolish, build partitions, for example, install new radiators, arrange a ventilation system, air conditioning, conduct a full range of electrical work, replace doors, windows).
  • Alignment of surfaces may not always be needed. If the walls and ceiling before were flat or have already experienced such a procedure, there is no need to repeat it. Minor damage is eliminated with the help of puttying, levelling with the help of puttying compositions, trowel, prim the surface, give a proper drying (a day or two). The floors are levelled using a cement screed or self-levelling mixtures.
  • The most long-awaited and creative process – surface cladding and furnishing. This is the final stage of this renovation of the sunroom.

Other Tips

Having started the renovation of the sunroom, help yourself: make a design project, follow exactly the steps marked in it. When the budget is formed, proceed to the preparatory stage – free the sunroom from furniture, remove old coverings. Putty and primer will remove the defects, after that you can proceed to the cladding and furnishing of the sunroom.